Knee and Hip Arthritis are very common problems in India (disease burden more than 15 million patients) Knee and hip surgeries are quality of life improvement procedures throughout the world. Knee and hip replacements are very successful (>98% success) in the west in the last 50 years. The most important factor for the success of these super specialist procedures are the training and experience of the surgeon.

Would you want your knee replaced or recreated? Patient-specific knee implants are designed by creating a 3D replica of your knee utilizing a CT/MRI scan. This replica is used to generate patient specific custom implants that match to your unique anatomy. This patient specific approach is based on the principal that people vary in more ways than gender, race and size, so should their implant.


In traditional knee replacement, the surgeon matches the patient’s original knee size to a variety of different sized “off- the-shelf” knee implants. The surgeon selects the one that best resembles the size of the patient and then makes the necessary adjustments during the operation. This often leads to components mismatch leading to poorer outcome in Knee and Hip replacement surgery. With personalized knee/hip replacements the matching and measuring takes place on a computer, way before the surgery occurs. This makes the surgery more efficient and less invasive, as we know the implant will be an exact match to your original knee/hip.




Prior to the surgery MRI/CT scans are taken to understand the specific anatomy of the affected joint.  Along with the MRI/CT images a special tool called a jig is also used to provide a clear view of implantation. The patient specific jigs have a built-in image guidance which simplifies the surgical procedure and improves the outcome. Based on the MRI images the surgeon plans the surgery and calculates the cutting measurements that help the surgeon to remove the necessary amount of bone, at specific angles. This customized cut provides better implantation, more reliable alignment and removal of less amount of bone.




There are several advantages to customized total knee replacement arthroplasty over the regular traditional implants like

  1. No compromise on the size of the implant as it is patient specific. No over/under sizing which leads to poor results for patients
  2. Provides better fit of the implant as the implant conforms to the patient’s unique shape of the articulating surfaces of the knee/hip joint
  3. Maximizes the implants contact area decreasing the polyethylene contact stress thereby prolonging the life of the implant
  4. Preserves more natural bone
  5. Maximizes proximal tibial coverage and thus reduces the risk of tibial implant caving in and loosening

These modern techniques are now available in Bangalore at Sarathi Super speciality orthopaedic centre(SSOC) and the surgeries are carried out in reputed corporate hospitals in Bangalore by Dr. Srikanth. K. N, MD SSOC

The author of this article is a senior orthopaedic consultant extensively trained in all aspects of joint replacement surgery and revision surgery in UK and Europe & has the following credentials and is a Fellow of Royal college of surgeons of England and Ireland, has done general medical council of UK, recognised Computer Navigation/Patients specific implants Fellowship, at Plymouth Teaching Hospitals, UK, Advanced Hip/Knee reconstruction fellowship, Avon Orthopaedic center, Bristol, UK & Septic revision Fellowship, Endo-Klinic, Hamburg, Germany. He is presently MD Sarathi Super speciality Knee and hip clinic, Gavipuram, Bangalore and was formerly Consultant joint replacement surgeon and Trauma in the UK.

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